Our goal is to bring beautiful, inspired designs and provide exceptional value to your outdoor environment. Our unparalleled team of dedicated professionals can guide your residential or commercial project from concept through transformation.

Design & Build

Every great project starts with a great design. Our designers are experts at marrying the beauty of Nature and planted softscapes with the structure and rigid texture of hardscape elements to bring you the perfect blend of function and beauty. Once we have met to assess your personal style, home style, and the functionality of the property, we get to work on designing and presenting a concept. Once approved, our installation and construction crew gets to work. Each crew foreman has over 10 years of experience and takes great pride in the details.

Did you know? During the design process, we want you to be able to visualize your project.  We not only provide a full color 18”x24” CAD drawing of your project to scale, we can also present a 3D conceptual video of your project.


The professionals at Jensen Gardens are here to help keep your landscape cared for and looking great. Our services including spring and fall clean-up, planting, bed maintenance, edging, and more.

Our mission is centered around providing our customers with beautiful, inspired landscapes.


Jensen Gardens can create any hardscape you can dream up, including patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and pathways. We offer a wide array of beautiful stone color and shape to choose from that will complement any style or look.

We believe that hardscapes shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. We can create something unique for your property so your hardscape is something you’re excited about.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting brings a landscape to life. Whether you need pathway lighting to illuminate a walkway or lighting to surround a patio or entertaining area, we can help guide you in choosing what lighting you need and where to install to transform your outdoors.

Not only does lighting accentuate your landscape features, it also extends the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space: an important consideration when living in the Midwest! It can also act as a safeguard by deterring potential intruders.

Water Features

Have you dreamed of adding a soothing, beautiful water feature to your backyard? We love to design and install these unique features, including bubbling brooks and waterfalls.

Not only are water features attractive and beneficial to your property value, they also have other benefits! They will attract natural wildlife like birds and dragonflies and cool down your garden in the heat of the summer.

Healthy Landscapes Program

A well landscaped property that is properly maintained is an investment that yields a great return both, financially and aesthetically, often increasing property values by 5% – 20%. Jensen Gardens can create a customized program that will increase your pride of ownership as well as improve the health and aesthetic beauty of your landscape. We can integrate the lawn care with ornamental bed care and tree care to maximize the benefit to the entire landscape. Remember, even if we didn’t build your landscape, we can still maintain it for you.

A well landscaped property that is properly maintained is an investment that yields a great return both, financially and aesthetically.

Need help calculating your landscape needs?  Here are a couple calculators to help you figure out your needs.

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