• Plant spring seasonal planters with spring annuals
  • Plant cool seasonal flowers and vegetables like pansies, asters, allium, coral bells, kale, cabbage, carrots, peas, onion, lettuce, radish, and broccoli.
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Cut back perennials & grasses
  • Overseed bare spots in the lawn from dog damage and winter
  • Apply fertilizer or compost to beds and apply pre-emergent
  • Apply fresh mulch
  • Cut natural bed edges
  • Water trees, shrubs, and perennials during warm dry spells
  • Call to schedule irrigation start-up for the end of May
  • Call to schedule tree care for ornamental trees that had leaf drop and black spots or evergreens that had bagworms and tip blight last year.

Pro tip: Ornamental grasses, Russian Sage, Butterfly Bush, and perennials are all good examples of plants that should be cut back to within 3-6″ of the soil. Hold off on pruning spring flowering shrubs that bloom on last year’s growth such as lilac, forsythia, and magnolia. These should be pruned after they bloom, usually in late spring or early summer.

Need help? Call Jensen Gardens to help with the leg work and handle everything from clearing out debris to refining the bed edges to pruning and shaping. Call 402.253.8880 or email info@jensengardens.com.