Design & Build

Every great project starts with a great design. Contact one of our expert landscape designers to create your dream backyard retreat. Our landscape designers are experts at marrying the beauty of Nature and planted softscapes with the structure and rigid texture of hardscape elements to bring you the perfect blend of function and beauty.

We meet with you at the site of your landscape project to discuss your dreams for the area. We will ask you several questions to determine your personal style, your home style, and the functionality of the property. Once we have established your goals for the property, we will assess the site conditions: Sun exposure, soil conditions, we will take a soil sample, determine the drainage needs, address privacy, wind, and noise concerns. At this point we will start working on creating your design. This process takes 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks we will make an initial landscape design presentation appointment to meet with you and review the design. At this meeting you will see a full color 18”x24” CAD drawing of your project to scale. We utilize the latest Landscape CAD design software programs. We can also present a 3D conceptual video of your project. At this time we discuss the design and go over the details. Ideas and changes to the drawing can be made easily and changes can be saved on a new CAD file. Once the design is reviewed we will then present the estimate for installation of your project. A lot of our customers chose to install the design in phases, while some prefer to install the entire project at once. Our landscape designer can help you determine what works best for your project.