The hottest plant types of 2022 (and hopefully every year to follow!) are NATIVE PLANTS. Native plants have a multitude of benefits for you, wildlife, and our local ecosystem. And because they’re naturally found in our seasonal climate, they often transform with the seasons – boasting incredible red, orange, and yellow foliage during the fall!

The iconic Burning Bush is one of the first plants that most people think of when they think of fall color. However, we recommend planting a Serviceberry ‘Regent’ instead. Unlike the Burning Bush, this 4-6ft round shrub is native to North America. It blooms with white flowers in the early spring (which the Burning Bush does not do), produces edible fruit in the summer, and transforms to an orange/red color in the fall. It’s important to highlight this as an alternative choice to the popular Burning Bush, as it is not native, over-planted, and can be invasive.

Here are some of our other favorite, vibrant plants that are perfect for planting in the fall! 

  • Aspen ‘Prairie Gold’
  • Sumac ‘Gro Low’
  • Serviceberry ‘Regent’
  • Spirea birchleaf
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea
  • Switch grass ‘ Shenandoah’ and ‘Cheyenne Sky’
  • Serviceberry ‘Autumn Brilliance’
  • Chokeberry ‘Lowscape Mound’
  • Viburnum lentago
  • Viburnum arrowwood

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