Late summertime and early fall months are essential for homeowners to get their landscape back into shape. Whether you are looking to strengthen the appearance of your yard or protect it from weather conditions, there are several landscaping tips you can use to achieve your goals.

Use Tree Guards
As the weather starts to get colder, small animals like rodents can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs as they start looking around for food and shelter. Using tree guards, such as a fence-like barrier around young trees, can protect them from these small animals. By using tree guards, you can also slow down environmental stress and reduce soil compaction around the trees.

Add Mulch Around Trees and Plants
Adding a layer of mulch around your trees, shrubs, and plants can give your yard a polished look. Mulching holds moisture in the soil, keeps the soil healthy, and suppresses weed growth around the plant. Organic mulching like compost or bark chips also progressively breaks down and returns vital nutrients to the soil.

Water Your Plants Consistently
An essential part of maintaining a healthy landscape is to water your plants regularly. As the weather becomes cooler, the water needs of plants change. During summer, it’s recommended to water plants twice a week, but in the fall, it’s essential to reduce the watering routine gradually. Overwatering can impact the roots, and the consequences may not show up until months later. Striking a balance between the amount of water plants need is crucial in the late summer and early fall seasons.

The late summer and early fall period is an optimal time to enhance your landscape and protect it from harsh elements. Remember to use tree guards for young trees, add mulch around trees, and plants, and water your plants consistently. By doing these things, you’ll be able to keep your landscape in excellent condition. If you would like Jensen Gardens to assist you in any of these items, please call (402) 253-8880 or fill out our website form.