Summer is over and Fall is just around the corner! Here are our recommendations to start in September.

1. 🌳 September means it’s time to install tree guards to protect from deer and rabbits. Fall is the deer rut and bucks will rub on any tree they can from September through December.  We recommend installing tree guards the first week of September and keeping them on through March.  We recommend white corrugated plastic tree guards. The white tree guards serve dual purposes, protecting from deer and also protecting from sun scald and frost cracking.  Thin barked young trees are prone to frost cracking. Warm winter days and sunshine warm up the south side of tree trunks during the day and then the temps drop below freezing at night and the sap in the trunk expands and cracks the trunks.

2. 🐁 Install mouse traps in the garage. Mice and other critters start looking for warmer places in September when the night temps start cooling off.  Put out your mouse traps on September 1st.

3. 💦 Water! Just because the heat of summer is passed doesn’t mean you can skip watering.  Fall is typically the driest season in Nebraska and Iowa.  Trees need 1″ of water per week.   During the fall we recommend a deep soak once every 2 weeks.